Goodness of Ingredients

Shea Butter

natural moisturiser, deep nourishing, softening, radiance

Cocoa Butter

natural butter with Vitamin E, nourishing, youthful, antioxidant

Sweet Almond

moisturizing, nourishing, soothing

Activated Charcoal

skin saviour! removes impurities and toxins, helps acne, evens tone


indulgent, antioxidant


relieves tension and anxiety, relaxing


reduces blemishes,


energizing, great for oily skin, brightening


natural exfoliating, toning agent, nourishing, rejuvenating

Aloe Vera

"miracle plant", moisturises,
soothes dry skin


hydrating, antioxidant, naturally antibacterial

Green Tea

natural astringent,


anti-inflammatory, soothing


uplifting, cooling, refreshing, promotes circulation


antiseptic, stimulating


eases mental fatigue, rejuvenating


gently exfoliates, cleansing, soothing


antioxidant, anti-inflammatory


spicy scented, antiseptic


antioxidant, powerful healer,
glowing, anti-bacterial

Sea Salts

relieves sore muscles,
stimulates circulation

Pink Himalayan Salt

calming, stimulates circulation


polishing, exfoliating


excellent exfoliating agent, glowing


strong antioxidant, nourishing, repairing


natural anti-inflammatory


moisturizing, antibacterial, antifungal


hydrating, attracts moisture to your skin

“My 6-year-old boy counts these soaps in his list of pure things along with raindrops, swings and happiness. He had even kept one under the Christmas tree for Santa to wash his face with after the long trip. For us, to me, these are not a lifestyle product, but the story of a little girl's resilience and independence. We appreciate and trust the ingredients used in each soap crafted by Sanju. The gentleness and freshness after every bath are an experience to treasure.”.

Vatsala Shrivastava

“My husband and I have been using these soaps for the last couple of years and I don’t think that we can go back to commercially produced soaps. They’re high quality, organic, completely natural, luxurious soaps that are kind to the environment and our skin. Thank you Sanjana for being so awesome at making these wonderful bars of goodness and pricing them reasonably. Every rupee spent is worth it.”.

Vaishnavi Krishnamani

“Sanju’s soaps are so refreshing, very well made from inside and outside! The ingredients used are organic and the recipe is awesome! You have to try one to believe it! My favourite one is green tea but Mumma loves charcoal. We are all hooked on to it... especially because they are great and are made with so much love!”.

Nayanika Wadhavkar

“I am extremely picky about the soap I use. And having very sensitive skin, I had been looking for something natural and completely chemical-free. While everybody says they are, nobody really is. My need was fulfilled by BLUE ELEPHANT. I actually tried all their soaps, along with those from other brands, before settling on their lemon grass clear soap. It’s got the right amount of froth and fragrance for me. The fact that there is a beautiful story behind the brand and its founder is the icing on the cake, or rather the ‘bubble in the bath”.

Amit Akali
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